Valdez Library...

Sitting in the Valdez Library has its comforts when the only other option is a RV parked in the heli pad parking lot all by yourself on a long trip. The weather has moved out and the rest is welcomed because the last three days have been long ones. I have been getting it done with the TGP crew and the sun stays out here for a long time. Yesterday was a marathon day that yeilded some of the sickest lines. I took a beating on a double stager 8' to 50' that I sent a little too big on the second stage and landed in the flatter end of the transition. Crumpled right through it, but no injuries just some whiplash and a sore back.

Took on a couple scares the last few days. Hende kicked off a big ripper soft slab slide in the "Carrot Ramps" that propogated about a grand acrossed ridge. I rode off one to the skiers right into a nook in the rocks and watched it wash out for about 1200 vert and stepped down twice on the way down to an icy glacier. Lucked out some there as a result of good communication, escape routes, and instincts. I was about three turns into the slope and I was in the middle of the first slab when I heard the calls from above. I immediately spoted the spiderwebs around me and headed for the escape route out right behind the rock band. A nook in the band showed itself and I took it rather than the original escape yet further down slope. The move paid off when the bulk of the slab skimmed my tails as I held onto the the rocky spine. The next outing Lorenzo skied off a large soft slab to narrowly escape some huge consequences in the wash out over 500 vert of rocks, ice, and cliffs.

So now the TGP crew has packed up and left and I am now hanging out with the Powderwhores and the Sweetgrass crew at the same heli-pad and in the same RV. The weekend is looking good and I am hoping to get some great stuff done.