State of affairs...

Always a constantly developing state of affairs around here and the last couple weeks have been no different. I have gone from evading the avalanche dragons, to finally feeling safe enough to venture out into their territory, to touring around with my favorite meadow skipping partner.

^Weston is stoked in this picture with a thumbs up for our day, and the good stuff we were finally able to get into. The avalanche dragons have been out and hunting for a while here in SLC and we were forced into hiding for a good spell. However, this day we were finally able to get out and start pushing our luck in dragon country and we were having some good luck. As we slowly progressed our lines, slope angles and exposure throughout the day we kept coming up clean. Next thing we knew we were on our way up to some real deal lines finally.

^Josh Madsen approaching our afternoon lines with confidence because all of our findings throughout the day were coming back green light, and we are approaching Wolverine Cirque to cash in our chips.

^As we crest the skin track we are delighted to see our favorite little bowl filled with just enough snow that we can finally get into some of her lines. Not many of them were going yet, but some of them were, and we made sure we got everyone that we could.

^Changing gears here a bit after some wild lines with the boys in Wolverine. My little pup, Murphy, is my daily meadow skipping partner and we got out for some mellow feel the luv turns on this nice blue morning. Murph never breaks trail though. She always makes me lead.

^Here she is again, laying down on the job. Me and Murphy are taking a little break at the creek for a drink and some quiet relfection time. I really love these moments out in the wood with my favorite ski partner and some tranquil creek sounds.

^Murphy laboring away on the skin trail as I wait for her to catch up on the deep skin path. Sometimes when it's deep her little paws don't stay on top of my skin track and she is post holing the whole time. Keeps her in shape though.

^Once we get to the top Murphy decided she needed another break before we got into our line this lap. I let it go cause she was working hard post holing in the skin track. Once she caught her breath she was tail wagging and ready to go for the big payoff.

^And a big payoff it was as you can see here. Murphy and I are getting our reward at the end of our labors, and she is getting after it. It is so cool to see her powder pouncing down a slope right behind me with a big puppy smile on her face. She loves this stuff so much, and I am all about it. She gets faster everytime we go out.

^A nice close up of Murphy getting what she came for. Murphy seems to love powder face shots just as much as her Pops does. Murphy is the best kind of meadow skipping partner. She listens well, is always happy to be there, and she always lets me get first tracks.