Last day of plumbing, first day of something new

Today was my last day plumbing in the Mid-west for Professional Plumbing. As I left the site after exchanging handshakes with Cooch and the crew I was a bit set back that I would not be returning next summer as I have for the last five years. I am moving to Utah year-round now, and I am packing up and heading out on Tuesday with my bright-eyed and beautiful girlfriend who is also leaving all family and friends behind to be with me as I pursue my goals as a pro freeheeler. It is a trip filled with uncertainty and excitment for two people as we load up our Jeeps and run from the rising eastern sun only to chase it as it sets into the western horizon. We may be uncertain in our future, but realizing that this adventure is one that we will never forget and god willing will look back on and reflect on as though we were two young crazy kids doing something that filled our hearts with zest and appreciation for our all to short time on this earth. For me it is just another journey back to the west for another season of snow, but for her it is a whole new experience. I hope she loves it as much as I do, and together we will build ourselves a little home in the shadow of the Wasatch.

Sick day

Not the sick day in the sense of the word as a "great" day, but the literal sense, sick. My pops passed his cold on to me that has been ravaging its way through the community. Thanks for that one Pops. Sat on the couch all day on a friday after missing work with my weiner dog Max. He is a good buddy on a day like today. TV, chicken soup, and half gooned up on cold medicine. Watched the pre-press release of the TGP television show that I am appearing in, which is due to run on RSN come this November, check it. It gave me the ski porn stoke I needed to take yet another nap for the day in hopes of fighting off coldman. I guess it is best to get it out of the way now before the ski season starts up. Still snowing in Utah, bring it on.

First Snow

I received a voicemail on my cell, yesterday. It was an exstatic voice screaming about the first snow of the year in Utah. "Ben Lomond and Mt. Ogden have snow, you better get back out here. It is on!" My ski bro Zach Houston could barely contain himself as he yelled over the phone. I pictured him on our first snow two seasons ago with a beer in hand and his skis on his shoes in the front yard of our ski bum house last fall getting pulled around by a variety of other beer toting hollering maniacs. The snow was falling and spirits were as high as the peaks. Ullr blessed our party and turned an average friday night into a memory most of the participants will never forget. Skiing is all about these kinds of memories and the like minded people that create them. I am chomping at the bit to pack up my Jeep and make the long drive from the Midwest back to the Wasatch. Only two more weeks and one rowdy Midwest wedding left until I am back there. Zach may not be drinking and skitching in the front yard when I get there, but I am sure there will be more memorable moments just like it real soon.

The Ski Dream

It is still September and I am jonesing for snow. I watch the new movie trailers and work on my own projects for the season, but nothing can feed my need. Every night I lay down to sleep and hope that I can have a ski dream because that is the closest I can come to the reality. Last night I had one of those dreams. I was skinning a remote area near my home in Ogden, Utah that was not exactly the same as it is in reality, which is what dreams are all about. I ran into some friends along the way and an epic day ensued, or should I say, night. When I woke I actually felt refreshed, and charged for my day of digging trenches in the midwest because it is all part of what allows me to make days like my dream a reality in the months to come. The dream may not have been true reality in the traditional sense of the word, but it was real enough to ease my mind as head to work at sunrise on a chilled September day closer to the real feel.

Allow me to introduce myself

What is up, I am J.T. Robinson. I'm a pro Freeheel skier living in Ogden, Utah. My roots extend from out of Wilmot, Wisconsin where I was born and raised. I prefer to live for the moment with an eye to the impossible.

A very wise man once told me:
"It is what it is."