4/20 Storm Cycle

In Northern Utah we always get a good cycle of cold spring storms just after most resorts close for the year. It is popularly known as the 4/20 storm cycle. This year that storm cycle came early, and stayed late. It began right around the 9th of the month and lasted late into April. I was able to take advantage of most of it, and it really made for a nice finish to the season. In March we had a lot of heat, so April seems to have made up for that. 

^My yard flamingo, Pink Floyd, is a ski bum institution in my circle for

Spring Sting

Mid-March in Utah is usually among the best time of year for good snow. Not this year. The sting of spring came early to the Wasatch. It also came with a lot of heat. So much heat that the phenomenal low elevation snowpack that we had vanished. 

^In an attempt to find the silver linings in everything I could