Killer Anaerobics...

The time has come to further prepare for the madness to come.  Every winter my world turns into a marathon of action and adventure.  Getting in shape to sustain the season is a monumental task.  This is the program that makes boys into men, and whips my off season legs into the right shape to tackle a professional ski season.  So here it is:

J.T. Robinson Freeheel Efficiency Anaerobic Workout

 This workout is very intense, but very efficient. Warm up and stretch well before routine. Conduct workout on a padded surface such as carpet or grass, and not on concrete or hard floors to preserve knees.  Massage knees and knee ligaments each night to preserve knee wear and tear. I also like to add in V-sit crunches and supermans for some core strength training.  I try to get up the motivation to do this program four days a week.

So here is how I go about this routine.  Start with some jumping jacks to warm up a little. Then, stretch well. Next, I do some V-sit bicycle crunches and Supermans. After this I run about a quarter to half mile to a location that I like to perform the routine. I do each part of the routine rather quickly with little rest between each maneuver to make the whole workout a cardio routine as well as anaerobic. Then I jog 3/4 of the way back home finishing with a walk to cool down.

Allow me to explain each maneuver in detail:

V-sit Crunches- Lay flat on back, elevate legs six inches off ground. Hands joined behind head. Then perform crunch by bringing right leg up and doing a crunch sit up to bring left elbow to meet right knee. Alternate right elbow to left knee then left elbow to right knee so legs are doing a bicycle motion and upper body is doing a twisting crunch to make elbows touch knees. Feet should never touch the ground throughout.

Supermans- Lay flat on stomach. Arms straight out above head like Superman flying. Elevate arms and legs up about six inches off ground so just your belly is touching the floor and hold this position until muscle failure. I do a couple of these and count off each time to gauge progress.

^Butt Kicks- A hamstring maneuver kicking legs back till your heel hits your butt.

^Burn Outs- Short little jump on tip-toes as fast a possible and barely leaving the ground. Keeping knees locked straight.

^Burst Ups- Short burst jump on tip-toes without bending knees, but this time going as high as you can without bending knees and speed is not a factor.

^Calf Raises- One leg calf raises on ball of foot with heel hanging out over an edge of some kind. For week one it is 10 on each calf.

^Full Ups- A two leg full jump with legs shoulder width apart, hands out front. Jump as high as possible and bring knees up to chest at the apex of the jump and compressing down to a squatting position on the landing. Take these slow to really emphasize position and jump as high as possible on each jump.

^Step Ups- A one leg jump with one foot up on a bench or stair and the other on the ground.  Jump with the leg on the bench then alternate in the air so the other foot lands on the bench.  Each jump is 1 so for week one it would be like each leg does 25 jumps for a total of 50.

^Tele Downs- In a tele stance jumping up and then alternating in the air like a tele turn and compressing all the way down into a deep tele stance till back leg knee touches the ground.  I like to do this on a slight downward incline to mimic teleing as much as possible.

^Side Steps- Down in athletic stance hands out front leap to the side. I do this like a one leg jump to one side and what would be tele back leg follows behind slightly and crosses behind front leg that is taking the pressure of the landing then pushing off that front leg to jump to the other side and then the back leg would become the front leg to land and the foot you just pushed off with would follow behind and become the back leg that crosses behind the front leg.