Wisconsin Property Walk

I recently landed back in my hometown in rural Southeast Wisconsin after a very busy winter in vast mountain ranges around the globe. My wife and I bought some raw land here a few years ago in order to build a mini-ranch home here some day. I have put a lot of work in to start to get it ready over the years, but I also have a long way to go. My Dad keeps an eye on the property while I am away. The recent rains subsided, and we got out to take a walk around to see how things shaped up throughout winter while I was traveling. It is comfortable to come back here. It is the area where both my wife and I grew up. Most of both of our families are still here. Wisconsin summers are gorgeous, and my abundant family time is a blessing. My Dad has been a big part of this property project with me. I am fortunate to be able to share this time with him taking a walk around to assess the season on the land and talk through all my family's plans for it in the coming future.  

It's May

Soon I will be driving back across the Great Plains of America again for the summer, but the spring skiing in Utah continues to call me out for more. First week of May came with a couple small storms that were cold enough at elevation to yield some cold powder! I saw a chance to get in a tour in the Cottonwoods so I sent a variety of texts to my Salt Lake City touring friends and nearly all of them were pre-occupied. All but one. My friend, Travis Bellantino, linked up with me for a dawn patrol in a classic area of Little Cottonwood.

I linked up with Travis bright and early at one of Little Cottonwood Canyon's most popular trailheads above Alta, Utah. Mid-winter the parking lot is brimming with people gearing up. Even at this early hour of the cold crisp morning. However, it's May. There are few people in the lot, and Travis gives me a wave as I pulled in and we got our tour underway. 

^Superior view. This has gotta be one of the most photoed scenes