Seasons transition.  I do, as well.  I have built my life around the seasons.  As such, I feel the pull of the need for variety in my efforts in parallel with the natural cycles.  The Wasatch snowpack is starting to come down and the rivers are high.  Blossoms are poking through.  Motivation to put skis on is beginning to take a backseat to biking and other warm weather recreations.  My day job transitions from pro skiing to remodeling/property management.  My night job at Delta also transitions from de-icing to the ramp.  As I like to say, "pushing and parking" airplanes.  I like it this way.  I seem to thrive on the variety and the congruence to the environmental transitions all around me.         

^I can't remember if this day photoed above was my last ski day or not.  If not, then it was close to it.  I still may squeeze another one in yet, but I will let the flow of everything make that call.  However, this was a killer day despite it's place on the calendar.  Ben is wrapping up the "get to" with a little bootpack stage at the end of the tour.

^That "get to" yields access to this expanse of goodness.  No matter how many times I see this zone it still gets me going each and everytime.  Even a little just looking at this photo. Get some. 

^The exit from the zone is a full on springtime bushwhack by this time, and the cougars are out getting some action of their own out here.  Yep.  What was that sound behind us?

^Reaching the road helps with the cougar fears, but now come the hitch-hiking fears.  A cougar in that environment usual helps our cause though.  We meet some interesting people hitching the Ogden backcountry exits.  I for one enjoy the opportunity to meet a stranger.  You would be surprised at the generosity of strangers.  Even in todays day and age.  There are still good people around.  You just have to be brave enough to meet them.

^The Delta Airlines job transition is nice too.  De-icing is a whole crazy adventure of hurry up and wait, man vs. machine vs. nature, and group dynamics of many people jammed into small spaces for long periods of time.  Moving back to the ramp for the summer turns into a welcomed change of pace and pursuit.  I thrive on the change.  Keeps things fresh.

^Sunsets like this help feeling good about the changes.  I have a good system going.  It works for me.  I am beginning to realize that I am a very different kind of animal from the rest.  This requires a very different kind of system and lifestyle management.  For a while I wasn't sure that this kind of life was sustainable.  Now that I am ten years in I am beginning to figure a few things out.  I have come to the realization that it is possible, and it is worth it.  To the hustler goes the spoils, but they are out there if your clever enough to find the tiny nuances within which they hide.  Also, it helps if your honest with yourself about what it's really all about for you.     

^Besides, fetch with Murphy in the green grass and sunshine... come on.  That's living.  What do you really need? (whoa...careful...don't go too political on an adventure lifestyle website).  Cheers to Spring and all that it brings.