Solo For the Soul

I have been amidst the darkness of the vortex of an unbeknownst level of labor. I have lived an entire life of jumping into things over my head and beyond my scope of realization of exactly what I am in for. However, as before I wallowed through the valley of the shadows of ridiculousness and emerged on the other side a better man as a result of the journey. I was remodeling a home on a nearly impossibly ambitious timeline, and learning to be a father to a brand new baby boy. My absence in postings to this website is just one of the many indicators of my absence from reality and daily life. I will explain all of that in a different post on here when I finally finish the remodel to a showroom status. As for now I will just say I went to a dark place, grew a large beard, camped out in a construction site, and lived to tell the story. As a reward to myself my lovely wife acknowledged my efforts and allowed my to travel half way across the globe to my happy powder place, Niseko, Japan. I went solo for the soul. No big cameras, no magazine projects, no athletes, filmers, or photographers. Just me, and the journey laying out in front of me.