Big News

Big news in the freeheel world as Jon Gurry, athlete and photographer, picks up sponsorship with Descente DNA. This is fresh from the horse's mouth as Gurry called me yesterday to confirm that his meeting went well and was donning a brand new blaze orange and light green DNA setup and a bunch of swag. Sick! I am excited to invite Gurry to the team and the Ogden Freeheel Family. Check out Jon and Paul Story's website for their photography company, Secondlong Photography. It is linked to in my links section on this page. Congrats Jon, you earned it.

Also, I have just viewed the new teaser for the TGP television show with a stellar starring class including yours truly. Keep your eye out for it. The show is going to be sick, and I am excited to share our experiences from last season with everyone.

Getting it done.

I have been offline for sometime because of the move, but I am all hooked back up and getting it done. A lot of new stuff coming online for me with my Tough Guy Productions projects and the projects. By the way the party was off the chains on Friday, hope all who could made it out. It was good to see all the folks. Salt Lake City is quickly turning into the center of the Freeheel universe with rumors of Nick Devore, Will Cardimone, and Chris Erickson coming to town this winter with a buddy of their's Dan Brown. Maybe a new seggie, "Aspen Extreme Comes to Utah". I like the sound of it and I am looking forward to those cats coming here. Also found out that Austin Corry and Cody Smith will be bunking in SLC as well. I love it, and I am digging the vibe that is reverberating around these mountians with all this buzz. Salomon and Atomic just announced that they are moving to the HUB in Ogden, Utah. This is big news for us up here in the north. A bunch of ski companies are coming and will be providing something like 230 new jobs for the folks of Ogden. Kudos. Sleepy Ogden is on the move in a big way. I am stoked on the progress.

Settling In

I have arrived in Utah and am begining to settle into the new pad. Christine and I are spending money like water to get everything we need to set up a new home, but slowly the empty place is starting to take shape. I am chomping at the bit for some skiing and soon enough I will have my way. The new place is great and the temperature continues to drop. It is only a matter of time now. So for now I will work with Gieger & Wood Stone Masonry, and continue to work on the new place to ease my mind while I wait for snow. Big party this weekend in SLC for the crew. Check out the site if your in the area and wish to attend. It should prove to be a good time for all. Keep your tips pointed downhill.

Moving day

Tomorrow is the big day. Long, long hours of driving acrossed flat, flat land. Before the sun rises in the east I will be underway. A caravan of two Jeeps, and one Uhaul trailer will be heading acrossed the great plains of America towards the Wasatch Front. I am anxious and ready to get the road under my tires. I hope the trip is safe and sucessful. Two days alone in a Jeep can be great therapy for the soul, and also make you think about all that is going on in your life at the time and in the near future. I have a lot of things going on now and very soon in this coming winter. I am looking forward to thinking up a lot of new plans and travels for the season, and even more so looking forward to undertaking them once I arrive. Onward and Upward.