Stroll Through Generations

Summers in Wisconsin are all about my wife and I clamoring for time to try and make some memories with as much family and friends action as we can in what always seems like such busy and chaotic lives. I also have to spend a great deal of my off-season making plans for the upcoming winter as well as my variety of projects. Sometimes I emerge from the fog of busy and need to get out and take a long slow walk with some of my guys. I rallied up my two sons, and then we scooped up my Dad, or more popularly known around my house now as, Grandpa. One of our favorite local spots, KD Park, in my Wisconsin hometown is a really nice place to take a hike. This park was once a gravel pit that served the region. In it's next generation now it is restored and serving the community as a beautiful park. I am glad to have been able to enjoy it as three generations of my own family on a classic Wisconsin summer day.