my dog and me...

Hiking with my best buddy, my golden retriever, Murphy, is one of my favorite past times.  Helps bring me back down to earth to take a stroll in the hills with her.  She has a demeanor and attitude that is something to admire.  Her zest and appreciation is fun to watch and desirable to emulate.  Take a little stroll with us across the creek, up to the falls, and to the high country sunset.

 ^Murphy approaches this rushing creek with some caution.  It is flowing pretty heavy, and she has taken a ride down a slippery creek chute before.  She has respected the dangers of creeks ever since then.  She is still all in, but just moves through it a bit more cautiously now.

^Of course, if there is a bridge option, then she will opt for the higher road.  She is no dummy.  She will take the path of least resistance.

^"I'm coming! Wait up!"

^Barely hanging on in high water.

^Murphy always takes time to smell the flowers.  Good life advice.  We ascend the path to higher ground and the promise of waterfalls and scenic views.  

^She is always on the lookout too.

^The first waterfall in the series, and Murphy is pumped.

^Second waterfall, and she is still pumped.

^These waterfalls are in a secluded little side canyon on one of our favorite hikes across the street from our home.  It is an overgrown and steep ascent to this series, but it is a really cool little place to be.  Christine and I have even found some promising bouldering problems to try to climb.  We have yet to drag the pad up there, but it is fun to scout.  One of these days we will go for it.

^The little side canyon also offers a really cool lookout.  There is a perfect natural bench up here with a little fire pit put in to enjoy.  Not the best place for fires so it is always one best to error on the side of caution so you don't burn the whole show down.  That would suck.  The views are plenty.


^The rat race looks so much more peaceful from up here.  Comings and goings and running around, but not right now.  Right now, just me, Murphy, and a cool breeze.

^Another sun down on another experience with my buddy, Murphy, and a chance to be thankful for all the blessings of my life.  Getting up above the rat race has a magical ability to melt away the stresses of the world.  I am super jacked for the encroaching winter and ski season, but for now I will continue to find some solace in the very same hills as they are right now with my pup.  Colors are starting to change and that is exciting and beautiful unto itself.  Be happy in the moment, each and every one of them.