Blog entry: 4/3/08 Valdez down day

Flat on my back in the double bed at the end of a 24-foot rental RV, and Neil Young is telling me all about it. I am filled with mixed emotions about the trip as I long for home while laying all alone. I am missing my girl, my dog, my family, and my routine. Meanwhile, my mind flashes to the backseat of a helicopter hovering over the most beautiful mountains and ski lines that I have seen in my short life, and the heart full of nervous anticipation that accompanies it. It is this that makes me push through the moments of doubt and homesickness. No great thing comes without the effort to make it happen, and I think that all of this is part of the effort that must take place to produce the final outcome. If this theory holds true then I am working hard in the back of this RV fighting the mixed emotions that try to crush my spirit and force me to pack up for home. However, I do not think that such feelings are so horrible a thing as it has been painful forced reflections of the past that have always made me remember the people, places, and situations that are most important to me. So as heart wrenching as they are I think I will embrace these mixed emotions for the moment, and take the opportunity to think about all that I love about this short life.