photos and a song...

So here is a new idea for me.  I have always said that my site is all about the photos and videos.  I am trying to become a better writer here as well.  I value storytelling in my life, and am striving to continue improving.  As a result, I am always shooting pictures to help tell the stories of my crazy life.  It seems I have racked a few up that I don't have killer stories for, but just beautiful visual memories.  Also, I have embedded a John Butler Trio song here, "Ocean" to enrich the experience.  So here is the deal.  Play the song video and then scroll through the photos and captions.  (you may have to watch the song video once just because it is amazing)

^This guy is unreal.  His band is as well.  Just got a new "Live at the Red Rocks" album that is killer.

 ^Sunsets are easy inspiration.  No matter where you are.

^New natural gas pipeline going in over Bountiful.  Double prop helicopters where delivering material.

 ^The pipeline track through the hills.

 ^Restricted from proceeding during construction, we watched the show of human aspiration.

 ^Green and blue.  We get a lot of blue in Utah, but the green is a real treat.

 ^Murphy in the tall grass.  She loves it.

^More human geo-engineering.


 ^Expansive sunsets from gate B6.

^That is one big machine.

 ^"I got a golden ticket."

 ^More sunset inspiration.

^Another metaphor?  If so, then I am busting out.

 ^Cloud show.

 ^ Free admission.

 ^Appreciative patron.

 ^Duality.  Why not?

^Barbed beauty.

 ^Mo' greens.

^This break was unsanctioned, but well received.

 ^On a wing and a prayer.

^ Routine can be mundane.  Unless you look closely to find the splendor within it.