work, work, work... but wait?

Work, work, work.  All day, every day.  However, I've got to do what I've got to do.  I know that.  But wait.  I also need to keep my head right in order to make the best moves possible.  Remember, I always go on and on about that one.  The pressure of jumping into the abyss of risk with both feet is immense.  Joining a new team, and being the rookie again is a challenge I know all too well.  However, it never gets any easier or less daunting at the start line.  Again, I believe that balance is key, like I mentioned last post.  I am super pumped on the momentum of things.  Therefore, I must have the balance to make the poised moves necessary to pounce on the opportunities.

^Just when you think your on the wrong end of something so much more powerful then you.  That is when it is more important than ever to seize the day and overcome the pressures in order to then rise above.  Therein lies greatness.

^Sometimes a lot of work can begin to close in and take over.  As I explained last post, finding the moments within the madness is still an ongoing struggle.  A struggle to get body and mind right to make the most of the opportunities that are at the heart of the pressures.  Transform pressure to inspiration, and then inspiration to motivation.  Deep in the Detroit airport tunnel of woes traveling from gate to gate lies a metaphor.  Is that light at the end of that tunnel?  I think it is.

^Another one.  Is Murphy leading me out of this cage of pressure toward inspiration?  She is trustworthy, and usually spot on.  So I follow.

 ^All metaphors aside, I can count on my wife to read my energy.  She insisted an early morning mountain bike ride before my night shift at the airport was my path through the ying and yang issue within me.

^Moments before I snapped this photo, as I watched Christine ascend a tough hill in front of me was when the "I am back" moment descended onto me.  It fell on me with the dust from her back tire.   I was back to where I needed to be.  I was feeling the balance.  Also, just in time because Christine was already soldiering up the hill, and disappearing fast.  

 ^It wasn't a long ride.  Just a perfect ride.  The tunnel in Detroit and Murphy were both telling me it was possible, but Christine delivered me.  The balance was there.  I merely needed to actively seek it again.  

^If you cannot arrive at inspiration from this perspective, then you'd better check your pulse because you may be dead.  

^After the ride, I was off to the night shift at the airport.  With balance and inspiration on my side the labor took on a new light.  Seemed to me that motivation was setting in.  Again, just in time for Monday morning.  The first real weekday to run with the torch that the folks over at Height of Land have handed me.

^This is kind of what inspiration looks like.  Finding it even while on the clock.  No all good or all bad.  Good within the bad, bad within the good, and open minded acceptance of existence within the wax and wane of it all.

^The universe was giving me what I needed.  Friday was the landing from the 30,000 foot whirlwind.  Saturday gave me the chance to get my shit back together.  Sunday brought me to the doorstep of inspiration.  All coming with perfect timing for me to make the move to motivation for Monday morning.  A new week at the base of a whole mountain of task in front of me.  Time to start the climb.  Step by step.  One foot in front of the other with balance, quality, and poise in precisely the proper direction.