Been getting after it lately?

Why yes we have.  It has been a busy couple of weeks for me and the VI crew.  After Austria I got that nasty flu for a week, Zach's knee was banged up, and Jon crashed his car.  We were a little low on karma I think from using up so much in Austria.  This all took us some time to regroup and get back to life in our realities.  So after some settling time we were hard presseed to find some goods.  However, that all changed one Tuesday morning when we absolutely killed it in Malan's Basin skiing three laps in Bowl to Bowl and a sunset finish in The Burn to the car out on 27th.  It was the first great filming day we had since we had gotten back from Austria.  Then the Ydream boys came over the pond to our side and crashed landed with me in the middle of a good old fashioned Utah dump, Alta style.  The whole week we sessioned Alta powder and one lucky day we found some bluebirds out in Wolverine Cirque and got some great shots including two super gnarly lines from Zach and Dylan Crossman.  Always love going to Wolvy.  We got some really great pow filming and a bit of bluebird lines so we are happy with what we got out of the trip.  
Just last night I got back from the U.S. Nationals Freeheel Extreme Championships in Crested Butte.  I was stoked to come away with a 3rd place podium finish and also bring home the coveted Sickbird Award for a 40+ foot lincoln loop off of "Hamburger Cliff" front row center for the crowd in the finals on Saturday afternoon.  I made some more cash for my next adventure up to Alaska for the World Championhips and a helicopter film and photo trip down to Valdez with TGP.  I am back for just a few days until I have to get packed for that one.  My folks and bro will be up there which will be the first time I will have seen them since Christmas time this year.  My girl, Christine, is staying home with Murphy and slaving at work while I'm gone, but she will have some girlfriends coming to visit from Wisco for her birthday.  So all is well and we are all still relatively healthy, so onward.