Fresh ride...

I am getting out, and getting after it these days.  My healing season is over, and it is time to whip myself back into shape.  That means a lot more mountain biking.  That also means a lot more time at my favorite shop in Utah, 2nd Tracks Sports.  My good friend, Ben Johnson, and his wife Katie are the owners of this super cool new and used gear shop at 2927 East 3300 South in Salt Lake City.  They usually have the best deals on gear and repair work in town.  I have a tendency to beat the crap out of my recreational tools.  Ben and his staff keep me up to date, and in working order.  He has full-time bike mechanics, and everything else I need to keep going for it.  

^In this photo, Ben is outside the shop showing this young family how to get themselves rolling this summer.  

^Ben also hooked me up with this fresh new ride for my big adventure coming up with my wife, Christine, next week.  Christine and I are headed north to ride single track trails from Jackson Hole on up to Bozeman, Montana.  We are stoked, and thanks to Ben, Katie, and all the folks over at 2nd Tracks Sports, I am now up to speed to be able to keep up with my ripping wife.  Stoked.  Go check them out!