hard work does pay...

Yes.  I am aware of my tardiness in posting new adventures.  In my defense, I have been getting after the less flattering business operations of my ski career.  The winterless Wasatch has afforded me the time to focus on these efforts, which is the real substance behind the glory show.  These operations are what makes my whole world turn.  It is not as glamorous as tales of gnarly ski lines and avalanche terrain, but it makes all that possible.  

^The Telemark Skier Magazine crew making the walk toward the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer (OR) show.  This is the first show in the trade show season.  We got after it with reckless abandon.  Big risk.  Big reward.  We are all in.

^Josh Madsen is interviewing Jason Layh of Rottefella about their newest binding release, the NTN Freedom.  This binding is a big deal and takes the evolution of the NTN system further into the future.  We are excited about the new binding and look forward to putting it through the ringer this winter.

^The Colorado Convention Center in Denver is host to the Snowsports Industry Association(SIA) tradeshow.  More of the same action takes place here, and I am thankful for a very successful trade show season for myself and the Telemark Skier Magazine crew.  We crushed it, and the momentum we are carrying out of these shows is exciting motivation for the prime time of winter.

^Making big deals in the big city.

^Trade show steeze, bro bra.  Fashionista. Aspen anyone?

^Even with all of the exciting deals the TSM crew was making, the trade shows have a way of taking it out of you.  I hike and ski thousands of vertical feet each day, but two weeks on the trade show floor tires me out just as much as any athletic pursuit.  By the end of the shows I wanted to lay down right in the middle of the isle with these two dogs and take a nap.  Never knew I could get so tired without ski boots on.

^Leaving Denver in a shuttle bus early in the morning was a welcome retreat.  While the deals were exciting, the prospect of getting back to SLC to start going to work for the companies that made the deals with us is eating away at me.  I am ready to get after it, and the weather in SLC has finally began to cooperate with my ambitions.

^While I was kicking ass and taking names at the trade shows, my puppy Murphy was patiently enjoying the snowfall on the back porch and awaiting my return.  She has been craving the snow just as much as me.  In my absence SLC finally received the snow we both have been waiting for.  That made my ambitious return all that much more attainable.

^It has arrived,…

^…and Murphy is stoked.

^So is my long time ski buddy, Ben Geiger.

^With good reason.

^The high country lines are starting to fill in well.  Here we go.  Once the avalanche conditions start to settle out we will be ready to start getting gnarly again.  Finally.

^Beautiful Snowbasin provides.  As she always does.

^She provides much, including ample fresh turns. Those are mine on the looker's right.  Good looking rhythm, huh.  It felt so right.

 ^Basin also provides the stoke.  The arrival of the snow has finally filled in the lines enough that we can start getting up into the high country.  Avy structure is scary, but Geiger and I were comfortable getting down with some inbounds chutes at Snowbasin.  Geiger is ripping into the Hidden Chute with much appreciation.  The deals are getting done and the winter in SLC has finally decided to cooperate.  Let's go!