continuous process of improvement...

I have been working on this shower for long time. It has been my nemesis in the past. However, I have finally finished it up. Just a little cleaning and sealing and it is ready to rock and roll. I went so far over the top on this shower this time around.  If it doesn't hold water, then there is not a product on earth that can stop this thing.  I built the shower as if it was a hot tub on its side. All the materials are that of a tub that is built to be full of water 24/7. It was a bit spendy, but leaks are even more expensive.  

^Here it is. It is down in the basement next to a sauna. So, dampness and heat are all around this thing which can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to home maintenance. If this thing ever leaks again I am just gonna blow up the whole room and turn it into a closet. 

^A top and bottom view to try to get a look at the whole thing from top to bottom.

^This is a close-up of the valve wall and the top corner. You can get a good look at the broken tile mosaic work I did to save some money on material and add an artistic touch. I am pumped at how well it turned out. As well as how much money we saved over store-bought border tiles. I also like the idea of using some of the waste product for another value adding use. I am excited for my first long hot shower in this bad boy.  Now I just have to rebuild the sauna and we will be back in action. First things first, though, I have to cut a whole and hang a double door for a closet out on the patio for tool storage. Now that I have moved the workshop out of the basement I have to find a new home for it all.