thinking snow...

Had a classic ski dream last night. I think the chill of the night air through the bedroom window might have triggered the subconscious a little bit. Of course it was one of those ones where you can't quite get your shit together, but there was a little skiing and snow so I awoke with snow fall on my mind. Still a few months till glimpses of winter, but the itch is there. I may be getting down to Argentina with Sweetgrass for a few days at the end of the month to scratch the itch. Not gonna be 100% for the trip, but I think I can still get some work done. All the thoughts of snow and skiing has me looking at old edits and photos. Check these ones.

^Just a good old fashioned scene from the Wasatch. Moments like these are what it is all about.

^With people like this as well. My long-time backcountry partner Ben Geiger is pictured there down in the belly of Birch Creek Canyon as we start our ascent back up. Basin has some killer backcountry all around it, and this is just one little nibble of it.

^Another great friend and long-time tour partner of mine pictured here, Candy Froerer. Candy is what I have come to call a "Freeheel Phoenix". She is a red hot ripping skier and is making her first movie appearance this fall in the new Freeheellife movie, "Hippies, Punx, and Misfits". I've been helping Candy gather sponsors and projects for the last couple years since she decided to go for it, and I am pleased to see it coming together for her. The word on the street is that she just recently had a lifestyle shot appear in the Ski Journal. I think it was a Re Wikstrom shot of the girls trip in British Columbia this winter. The ball is rolling now. Look out.

^A sunrise like this is why I choose this life. Mornings like this one are what this whole lifestyle is really all about. Lord knows it is not the big money that draws me. Moments like these justify my lifestyle every time. When your at 11,000 plus feet at the end of a long hard skin trail with a sunrise scene like this the euphoria swirls around thick enough to brush away from your face like cobwebs. This is a charmed life that I have had the benefit of living and not a day goes by that I am not thankful for every day of it.