3rd place in Tahoe

Just got back from Lake Tahoe yesterday and I am leaving later today for Italy. Busy. I took third place at the comp despite having a cracked up tail bone from a spill on concrete the other night. I couldn't do any real hucking because of the pain, but I just kept it under ten foot features and skied really fast. I was still able to do alright and was able to conserve the tailbone and not do any further damage going into the European Championships in Italy. So I am starting to feel better and hopefully come this weekend I'll be feeling good enough to huck in that contest. Stephane and I are trying to get out of SLC right now, but Altanta airport is all fouled up do to weather so we are facing standby delays. Hopefully we can get out later tonight and get into the air. Here is a link to the blogsphere on the Alpine Meadows website so you can check out some of the action at :http://blog.skialpine.com/