sick... literaly

Not sick in the ski industry context of the word, but the medical context of the word. I have been down and out with the flu for the last few days just hating it. One of the tougher bouts with the flu that I have had. I got it just a couple of days after I got back. Apparently it has been flying around the Delta ramp for a while when I was gone and it waited for me to come back. I feel like I am on the backside of this thing now so my spirits are up. Just got an email from the Ydream crew and it looks like they may come and join me here in Utah for a bit come early March, so now my spirits are way up.  I would be honored to return the favors that they had extended us on our trip. I don't know if I can match an experience like this one pictured below, but I can sure bring them into some great skiing.

(Jon Gurry snapping a photo of the Hallstatt scenery. photo: Zach Houston/VI)