still puking

It is still puking here in Utah and we are reaping the benefits. The crew has been out freeskiing the last few days just gobbling up the pow. No shooting, it is even hammering too hard for that. It might pay off tomorrow for some partly cloudy paydirt. The Wallow at the Biscuit has yielded some of the deepest experiences of my life, like blind deep. The avy danger his blowing up so we are just finding it inside and it is plentiful. The commercial masonry job I was on has finished and it is time to rock and roll on the mountain. The rest of the winter off with the day job, and switching over to full-time ski mode. Still throwing bags at night down at Delta cause the ski biz ain't the NBA and the benefits are soooo nice. Might be trying to get over to Reno-Tahoe next week to hook up with Stephane and put the finishing touches on the "HarmLess" TV show for RSN. Tahoe is getting pounded with these storms just before we get them and I hear it is going well for them also. Keep it coming, fill 'er up. Still trying to get over to Austria first part of February, we'll see.