Nothing new, just thinkin on it

I was just staring at the mountainscape to the west of Terminal C at the Salt Lake International Airport while I work, and the sun goes down to my back. The new snow is gorgeous and it makes me tingle to think ahead on all the lines. I have been getting really frustrated with the ski industry politics, movies, segments, movers and shakers, aligning and scheming, and all the other bullshit that goes along with this profession I have chosen. I don't get paid enough for all this peripheral crap. However, as I stare off and dream about what matters, the skiing, I am comforted by thoughts of why I still slave for pennies. It is, the skiing, that keeps me coming back. Lord knows it is not the money or the glory. TJ Burke said it best in the old skiing classic "Aspen Extreme" when he said, "skiing is the easy part, Carl." It really is the truth though. I get so downhearted and defeatest sometimes, but every once in a while I have a moment like today when I remember what it is really all about, again, THE SKIING. All I really want to do is evolve the sport and push my limits to new heights, but other factors always have a way of making that more difficult than it has to be. I am going to come away from all of this with that concept engrained in my mind, THE SKIING, THE SKIING, THE SKIING, and THE SKIING.