Ramblin' man

Here is a shot from our Cedar City trip back in late January. I have not been able to post for a while cause I have been a ramblin' soul for the last month. My girlfriend has forgotten what I look like, my dog has lost my scent, and my travel ski bag is worn through. I was in Jackson Hole for a week with the Lipstick Films crew. We shot a lot of storm footage cause it never stopped snowing the whole week I was there. I have some more work to do with them to get some more variety of shots. The following week the Vertical Integration crew flew up to Seattle and spent the week at Mt. Baker. Baker was skiing three feet deep and we caught some bluebirds. The place was going off, and Zach Houston threw an 80 foot backflip for the crowds that gathered above chair 8 to watch all the carnage. The locals were throwing it down too. I had to go up and throw my own 100 foot lawn dart front flip to try to one up my partner, but instead I exploded my new boots. Scarpa wanted me to test the limits of their gear and I guess that about 95 feet is the limit. Good to know. I've got some replacements on the way to try again. Since then it has been going off in Utah and we are getting a bunch of good powder shots. The avalanche danger is really high right now so we are buying our time until we can get up to the higher bowls and backcountry classics. The big lines are finally setting up and we are drooling all over ourselves waiting for the slide danger to come down so we can get out and kill it. The powder shots are sweetness though. I can't complain.