Zion Canyon trip...

I sent out a text in early September that read, "old friends in new places, Zion NP Oct. 1-4". I knew that pulling off a trip with the cast that I had invited would be a long shot. For years my old buddies from home, now in Phoenix ("Wilmot West"), and I have been talking about meeting in the middle somewhere. So, finally I set it up and let it play through. Participation was looking bleak and Christine and I were prepared to go by ourselves until our old friend and recent PHX resident Jay Riebolt got in on the plans. I new this was my chance to rope in my brother to fly out on my last buddy pass of the year cause him and Jay go way back to kindergarten days. Jay and I successfully shamed Tyler into it and we were rolling. A couple days before the trip my old homie, Bryan Tournas, called me to get in on it cause our mutual friend and Bryan's coworker, Ryan Schmaling, took the bullet for him at work allowing Bryan and his girlfriend Aubrie(sp?) to make the trip. Now we had a full cast of characters coming together for the first time in a long time in myself, Christine, Jay, Tyler, Bryan, and Aubrie in the desert of southern Utah. Big ridge line heights and tight river bottom lows in Zion's Canyon National Park ensued along with plenty of campfire laughs.

The stellar cast of characters. L to R Tyler, Jay, Aubrie, Christine, Bryan, and myself.

Jay and Tyler taking in the vastness of the situation at hand.

This is a photo Christine took of myself taking a photo of Bryan trying to stay in cell contact with our friend Ray in China as he called to celebrate the birthday that him and I share. Funny, Ray says, "Where are you guys?" Bryan and I look at each other on that perch and laugh and as Bryan begins to explain we lose the transoceanic connection. Classic scenario though. Happy Birthday Ray.

Ladies getting after it on the ridge of the Angel's Landing.

The crew is making their way along the cliff side trail over hanging the shear 900 foot vertical drop to the valley floor.

Tyler making use of the chains to get down this little down climb on the thin rocky ridge line trail.

The crew approaching the first sketchy little rock scoot of the Angel's Landing ridge line on our way up to the 360 degree view perch high a top the Zion Canyon.

Christine, Aubrie, Bryan, and Jay hanging out at the trailhead talking about the experiences of the day and what is next.

Jay taking the camp cook role and hooking up some brats and various grub for the hungry crew settling in back at the camp.

Our woodland creature friends hanging out down at the river bottom for a drink from the Virgin River in the cool evening air of the So. Utah fall.

The Virgin and her guardians looking out for her as the summer comes to an end and old man winter starts to move in for the season.

Christine, Jay, and Tyler deep in the Narrows in some frigid fall river water.

Jay is wading through the cold rocky water to carefully enter into the next turn and narrowing corridor of the magic little slot canyon.

Scenes like this just around every corner for the next couple miles was a lot to take in. A very special place.

Christine just after we passed through the big cathedral style turn in the river that you can see in the background.

The crew making their way up the current deeper and deeper into the tightening slot canyon of towering red rock walls. We ventured up to our finale turn around in the Wall Street section of the narrows in one of the tighter slots of the river just north of the Orderville Canyon link up. It was quite an experience and quite a weekend with some old "midwest" friends in some new "out west" places. Cheers friends...