One Ski Day With Old Friends

I've hardly skied at all this winter. My bones ache, and my balance is off. My life balance is off. My son's cancer fight is all encompassing. The treatment timeline continues to drag out. By the time of the day I am writing about it had been a month longer in this bone marrow transplant round then we had expected. I had made a few tentative plans for my ski work with that timeline in mind. However, as the treatment continued inpatient at the hospital those projects started to creep up the calendar on me. I had canceled most of my trips and projects by that point, and only had a few things going with Telemark Skier Magazine and a Vertical Integration trip in the midwest on the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. I figured I had better start making a little time to get on skis and knock the rust out a little. The planets aligned a little to get out and ski with the old crew from Snowbasin in Ogden, Utah. I jumped on it to get in shape some and also to take advantage of seeing my old buddy and mentor that was in town, "Tele" Jeff Lee, who now lives up in Alaska.