Almost two weeks of Wisco...

I just got home from about two weeks in Wisconsin from top to bottom. Did the Dells with Christine's family and the local fire department crew of friends and families. It was a classic beaches and beers event with a stellar cast of characters. Then Christine and I drove up to Eagle River to meet up with my folks and the Schaetz clan for a little bit more of a North Woods R&R treatment. Quiet and slow days in the sun with old friends, cold beers, and laughs abound. Followed by more beers and laughs around a bonfire under a full moon.(every night, natural anomaly**trip inside joke**) Most active endeavors included water skiing and bocci ball. I've had more good times and laughs with that Schaetz crew then some can have in a lifetime. We've shared entire lives over 25 years of bonfires in the North Woods together and every classic story has slowly turned into gold. The Schaetz family's courage in the face of adversity over the last few years is an inspiration and it shows in the light hearted play of the first grandchild "Evy". After hugs and "see you next years" Christine and I drove back down the state to our hometown for a wedding. Our dear old friend Samantha Porps married our new dear friend Justin Merrill. The rain stopped a few hours before the outdoor ceremony and the sun came out to light up the beautiful bride. The reception was a classic wisco throwdown that delivered well into the night. The friends and the drinks were plentiful and the evening went off without a hitch. These pics can help tell the story:
Captain AJ Johnson manning the SS."Piece of Work" through a narrow channel amongst the cliffs of the Wisconsin River. Cold boat drinks and a Jimmy Buffet soundtrack provided for a memorable weekend with old and new friends.

The classic evening bonfire gathering of the Robinson and Schaetz clans for some beers, smores, and stories. This photo was taken before the red spruce was added to the fire.

Mike Schaetz and I doing what we all do best up there together, laughing till we cry. That crew are some of the funniest characters I've ever known and for some reason when we mix us all together it produces a belly full of laughs.

A classic sunset ending to another gorgeous North woods afternoon, and another week of good times and memories with the family and the Schaetz crew.

Justin is getting down with the garder for one of the evenings festive moments in classic tradition. The party was well on the way by then and he put on a hell of a show. The mixers were cold and the dance floor was hot.

"A little bit softer now, a little bit softer now, a little bit softer now." "A little bit louder now!"

Justin brings down the house with a little Micheal Jackson for the people. The bride and groom were the life of the party and we all followed right behind them well into the late late hours of the night. Many thanks to them for a fantastic day and a memorable party. It doesn't get much better then that kind of celebration with those kind of folks. Cheers.