familiar faces, in familiar places...

I have been on the road for a long time this winter. I have been crisscrossing the ski world for the last two months. I am thankful for all the wild and crazy experiences. However, the flip side of the card is being at home with my wife, my dog, hometown friends, and my local mountains. The first order of business after a kiss from the wife was her charge to get the dog out in the snow to run off some pent up energy. Then it was to change the sheets in the guest room for an old friend of mine that was coming into town to ride some mountains.

^Murphy was ready to get out and ski again. When I am out of town she doesn't get a chance to get out as much.  She tends to lay in my wife's office to let her know that she is upset about it. It is always funny to watch her roll around in the snow like she hasn't been in it for years the moment she sets a paw in the powder.

^My old friend Luke Buckland reacted similarly to Murphy when I got him out in some backcountry powder. Luke and I rode together through college. We cut our teeth in these mountains. He left the high country for a while to pursue a career. As fate would have it he found his way back, and was yearning for some deep snow.  

^Luke. Stoked.

^I took Luke out for a taste of some of Salt Lake City backcountry. He wanted to get out and explore a bit so we hit up this little gem that is a good introduction to the area. Luke was fired up and his energy was contagious. I always love stoking out folks. It was a good day.

^A sunny day in powder and an aspen grove with a good friend. That is a great day.

^My kitchen with my two girls. Home sweet home.

^On a sunny Saturday afternoon as a paraglider buzzes the resort crowd, I was soaking up the sun rays and good vibes. My wife, Christine, and I basked in the warm glow, as the dog laid under the lunch table. I love traveling, but all the time away makes me appreciate the time in my backyard with my girls all that much more. It's good to be home.