Swedish rip ride...

Telemark Skier is out on the road touring the new movie and digital magazine to the country.  Owner, Josh Madsen is going town-by-town in the Telemark Skier Van to show folks the new duds.  After a few weeks of driving Josh was due to swing back through the hometown in SLC.  Our new Swedish skier, Andreas Sjobeck, flew into town to join Josh on the road for a few weeks, and take the perfect chance to see the great American west.  A couple days after Andreas landed I stole him for a day to bring him up north to my stomping grounds.  I rallied my long-time buddy, Ben Geiger, and we set up a downhill shuttle to take our young Swedish friend on a Wasatch rip ride. 

^I threw flat pedals on some bikes, and we hit the trail.  I put together a shuttled downhill in and around Snowbasin for us to roll that would take us through the resort and down to Pineview Reservoir.  I made him climb a little at the beginning, but not too much.  For the most part we were all downhill.

^Of course except for the multitude of times I made him stop so I could take his picture.  Come on this one is a classic with the Snowbasin gondolas in the background of a sick Wasatch fall scene.  "Hold on, one more!"

^Swedish ripping...

^Shuttled back around and stoked, Ben and Andreas are making plans for later.  The ride was a really great time.  We rolled a good 10 miles or so of terrain with about 4,000 feet of vertical drop to a dusty teeth smile at Pineview dam.  Now they were making a party plan for the downtown SLC showing of the new Telmark Skier movie, Let's Go!.     

^So we cruised back to my house and got cleaned up.  I took a chance to get my pup, Murphy, out for a little run around while Andreas got a shower.  She was as stoked to meet a new friend as I was.  I was also stoked to be bringing him back to Josh now all in one piece and cleaned up nice for the show.  I wouldn't want to steal him for the day, and then go and get him all broken up on a bike.  He ripped it though, and we had a blast.  Therefore, I am all good.   

^We made it down to the show, and the ice cold beers felt good in our downhill sore hands.  I am really excited to see Andreas coming into our team very well.  He is a good addition to our diverse cast of characters, and I am looking forward to having him come back again this winter.  Then it will be go time!