mountain surf style...

I always go on and on about balance, and the wake surf session I had about a week ago now was just such a remedy.  I hooked up with some ski homies from the Norhern Wasatch on a Thursday evening.  Willard Bay is just north of Ogden, and just far enough away for a lonely evening surf.  Passing fruit trees and farm markets all the way to the boat launch is evidence of the local flavor.  I am a country boy, and that is a little closer to it for me.  I settled right in.  Ben Geiger is the captain of the vessel, and a long time ski buddy of mine.  Wes Knopfel, another ski bud, and Rob Harris, likewise, all rallied to the cause.  Wes is a brand new daddy, and we needed to relieve him of some of the sleepless stresses with a little recreation with the boys.  A surf session behind the legendary vessel, "Brown Sugar" was the prescription.     

^Rob gets right into it, accelerating down the wave and reaching for the float as Daddy Wes admires the form.  Wake surfing is the perfect speed and form for this bunch on an evening like this.  After my last post I will also add that it is terrific dynamic balance and strength training as well.  

^Captain Ben rips on that board.  He also refuses to wear a life vest.  As I am always the cautious sceptic, I gave him a rash of shit for it.  He still relented.  I get it.  I am just a bitch that way at times.  However, in avalanche terrain he usually listens to me.  Wild man.

^Wes is a regular footed rider on the other side of the wave.  That takes some adjustments, and then he is off and ripping.  Kind of like his current life changes.  It is exciting to watch Wes and his lovely lady, Tomo, make the adjustments, and learn to raise brand new little Seby.  I have already given him a nickname, sorry.  I am not a parent, and I can't imagine the pressure of coming home with a brand new life.  There is no owner's manual to accompany Seby.  Wes and Tomo are good people, and I am betting they will do it very well.  

 ^Captain Ben is bringing the wheel back around to scoop up Big Daddy.  Ben and Rob are both father's, and it was entertaining to watch the good natured ribbing that they laid on the new daddy, Wes.  Good times, and a lot of laughs.
^This is a picture of pressures melting, and life balance being reached.  Settle.

^This is a picture of me...taking a picture of...

^...Rob doing this.  Nice picture.  Better ride.

^Daunting new fatherhood, work, deadlines, ski training, or whatever other stressors were milling around this bunch before the first wave quickly melted away with the float.  Catching a wave at sunset with great friends is the kind of experience that cools the nerve endings and centers the soul.  I can't speak for the group or the brand new dad, but for me, the camaraderie, the surf, and the sunset provided relief to any stressor.  As I am swimming back to the boat in this picture I was laughing out loud at the surf sensation and the unreal nature of the sunset and the moment.  I was feeling good.  As per usual, I was rolling with the flow, and had to play the role of the wild friend who keeps the new daddy out too late.  I am sure Tomo will have to give me a hard time for it next time I see her.  However, she can take some comfort in knowing it wasn't the first time I had been that guy, and probably won't be the last.  My old friend Bobby Schaetz and his new fiance have a story kind of like that.  They don't have kids, but I did keep Bobby out way too late on a week night.  That is how I roll.  What can I say.  Imagine if you were married to me.  That is why my wife, Christine, is a saint.  They all know that I am harmless, and mostly innocent.  Even when I over serve myself.  Cheers!