moments within the madness...

This is the time of year that I go balls to the walls in my off-slope endeavors.  Often times, I grow a beard, go to a dark place, and get to work.  I can get wrapped up in all of it, and loose my cool.  I value that cool and calm nature as an asset to my life and businesses.  Therefore, it is important for me to make sure to retain a quality balance.  I recently explained to friend and photoman, Jon Gurry, "You know how I have a lot of entrepreneurial pokers in the fire.  Well, they are all burning red hot right now and need to be hammered out to take advantage of the developmental opportunity.  All at the same time.  I am going like crazy right now!"  His reply, "Beauty, good craziness then."  He was right, but it meant that I couldn't give up.  I had to keep pushing.  Going like crazy is a blessing these days.  I simply had to take moments within the madness to seek out balance.  

^My night job at the airport can get hard to swallow sometimes.  It seems that too much "screw your neighbor" and "sneak away from duty" around me can get me down.  I try to rise above these kinds of concerns.  It is harder then I remember sometimes.  That is why they call it a job.  Right?  I have also been in the middle of tough negotiations with a local bank to make some deals in my real estate endeavors.  All the while diving head first into off-slope work with Telemark Skier Magazine.  The momentum and excitement over there is so contagious.  I am completely consumed.  Hours melt in my home office going to task on all the big projects we have going.  Super exciting.  However exciting, mundane, or frustrating all this work in all these directions can get, I love the variety.  I simply need to make sure that when I get caged up by all the labor that I need to make time to relieve the pressure.   

^Luckily for me, I live in the lonely northern Wasatch.  I can cross the street and ascend high above all the worldly concerns of my daily pursuits.  I can't stay up here for long, but all I need are a few of these kinds of moments within the madness to tap the pressure valve.  I try to harness the inspiration to fuel the motivation to push harder then ever.

^I have to take advantage of all of the red hot situations.  However, to fully utilize my efforts I must have my mind right in order to make the best strikes on the irons as possible.  I believe in making a real effort to find the balance that will inspire quality movements in all of my endeavors.  This double waterfall that only runs in spring is bigger then I've ever seen it.  It's naturally cyclical process adds value to the sight of it.  Like me, it is pushing harder then ever right now.  I am inspired.  I will harness it.   

^Of course, the support of a pair like Christine and our pup, Murphy, behind me makes each of the pursuits that much more rich and worth while.  They make me want to do it all, and they make doing it all a little bit easier.  Seems like good influence to me.  Balance is the name of the game.  Seeking it is a righteous task.  Feeling it, even if only for a moment, is inspiration to continue the endless pursuit.  Onward.