building strength and equity...

I am a firm believer in cross training.  Also, I thrive on variety.  Mixing it up in the outdoor recreations so amply provided by the Wasatch range is the perfect solution.  I am also a firm believer in working for a living.  I happen to view trade work as another form of cross training as well, but that kind of gets into a different thing all together.  Most importantly, it is the time of year for me to be building...  muscle diversity... and financial equity.

^Murphy took up her position as supervisor on the workshop floor.  We were rebuilding the sauna in the basement.  Previously, when I undertook a leaky shower issue down there half of the existing sauna was an unfortunate casualty of that war.  Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again was the task at hand.  I'd never built a sauna before so the learning curve was in effect again, as usual.   

^However painful and dumbfounding, I completed the job.  The sauna oven heats up, and the box holds all the heat.  Not sure what else I can ask for now, but just hope that it holds up for the next thirty years.  The test of time always proves the craftsman.  The problem is you can't tell that until after some time.  No matter how much homework I try to do, at some point I just have to jump in with both feet.

^After stressing all day, there is no better relief then the northern Wasatch front range to provide a quick and easy fix of some mother nature.  The outdoor recreation in my backyard is plentiful.  I try to partake in as much of it as I can afford.  I like the variety and the cross training nature of practicing as many as I can.

^My wife Christine is a die-hard mountain biker these days.  In this photo she is soaking it up in a creek bed crossing.  All I have to do is mention the urge and she is pushing it home to get out.  I love the cardio and power training of mountain biking.  The athleticism of it is fantastic as well.  Pure test of balance, strength, strategy, motion, and fluidity among a million other skills that are in constant play.  

^Bouldering is the perfect change of pace.  Christine and I have been pushing ourselves to include climbing into our lives more often.  I love the upper body and core strengthening of the sport.  We are rather enthusiastic beginners, but we are having a good time getting stronger and mastering our centers of gravity.  We are mostly into bouldering so far because of the relative ease of entry.  However, the challenges have been no less great.  I have watched Christine begin to flourish in a relatively short time as her strength builds rapidly.  She is right on the crux of solving a problem that has been haunting her.  I can't wait until she nails it because then the proverbial rock will be rolling.

^Of course there is hiking with Murphy as well.  I enjoy the extra company as much as the walk.  The hike is a good workout, but the contagious jubilation of my five-year old golden retriever is as good for me as anything.  Her attitude is something to admire.  I can only strive for that kind of enthusiasm and love in my own character.  Good dog.

 ^A sunset such as this can have a power that transcends the physical.  The adrenaline and "runner's high" of a good workout is one thing.  When you add in the power of mother earth through incorporating the "outdoor" in outdoor recreation something changes.  Real value is added to the experience that no treadmill or gym can duplicate.  Drenched in adrenaline and cooling down from a vigorous effort to the soundtrack of a brisk spring breeze amidst a glowing sunset with my wife and pup in tow is the ideal reward to the vast array of hard work.