working planes...

Been putting in plenty of time at the airport these days with my night job at Delta Airlines. Still getting back into the swing of things. I will be heading back out to the De-ice crew again soon. This year I am gonna make it through the whole season though. It is nice to align the seasons a little by moving out to De-ice. I am a weather watching maniac come about October or so anyways. De-ice work is pretty well aligned with all of that as well. Trying to find beauty in everything still, and here are some of the views from my airport life.

^Sunset on the B-gates offers a pretty nice view of the city, and the Wasatch Range. A little Skywest Brazalia propellor plane cruises past as we wait for our jet to arrive.

^On the other side you get a whole different look. The sun sets on a CRJ regional jet. The views are much better from here then from inside the bin.

^As night sets in the whole scene changes a bit. With the way that a jet reflects light the whole place lights up differently. Keeps things interesting. I spend a lot of hours out there so keeping it interesting is a challenge all on its own. With the move to De-ice I will be going back into a more freshman type of role with plenty of learning situations. It is good for me. More hours, but more money as well. Also, it still interferes little with skiing every day. Love it. I will be busy again, as usual, but that is good for me also.